How To Type In Sinhala In Adobe Photoshop Or Any Other Software

Use Akuru Sinhala Unicode Converter

The uniqueness of the font converter is that it has a modern look and a nice interface. No ads. It also supports the dark theme. It runs easily on any computer device. Uniqueness of the characters is the ability to use it indefinitely and respect privacy. What makes it special is that it is designed to be user-friendly.

Akuru Dark Mode
Akuru Light Mode

Type In Sinhala

Here the user is given the ability to type Sinhala easily on the computer. You use apps like Helakuru, Dream Keyboard to use Sinhala on mobile phones. You can type Sinhala here just like you type Sinhala in those. No difference. A scheme is also provided to give the user an idea of ​​how they want to type. It is very easy for the user to type Sinhala on the computer. Once you have typed, you can copy and paste it wherever you want.

Akuru Translation Scheme

Unicode To FM

This is important for you when using Sinhala Fonts on devices like Photoshop. In case of errors while typing Sinhala on your computer, type the words you want in the box above. If you can not do it on your computer like Wijesekera, type in Type In Sinhala and paste the words in the box below into the box above now available in Unicode To FM. Paste your words in the box below into Adobe or any software you want.

Unicode To FM



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